Jul 07, 2021

When I see sense and perceive, it is at a very multi-dimensional experience level! My experiences are profound, super intense and literally out of this world!!!! It is my honour to now try to share some of them with you.... Today I will share with you an experience that weaves its way from the astral body dimensions of Source force unification and recalibration of the space time matrix in a literal sense. So if this fascinates and interests you read on....

Last week I did some major cell recalibration and time line work with one of my students Jojo, who is a Quantum Kinesiologist. I have surrounded myself over the years by these fabulous men and women, just like me, who are strongly pulled to work with me. 

I dived deep into clearing Anunnaki jehovian seals, which I realised had been activated and targeted at me after completing an etheric light code drop from my field back in 2010 in the temples of humankind at Damanhur Italy, with 12 other individuals. (Fascinating stuff). 

Anyway after the session, we exchanged some information templates later on in the week and I tested myself for anything else that I needed to clear at this present time. 

As I scanned through this list it identified to me that I needed to clear number 112 on the sheet. Which was a clearing in my astrological zodiac. I thought oh right, I'm not sure quite how to do that, so I just went to bed and forgot about it. 

The next morning I spoke with my dear friend and colleague Asha, who's stuck in the Sydney lockdown unable to make her move up the coast.  She asked me if I wanted to do a Astrology Healing with the latest modality that she's working with and still studying. 

So, I immediately put 2 + 2 together, with the prompting to do a balance in my Zodia and then the next day Asha suggesting an Astrology Healing, so I immediately agreed to the a session.  Any sign I get from the universe and then opportunity that I get to do major work on myself, I'm 1000% up for it. I'm always following the breadcrumbs sent by Sprit, that prompt me to break through to the next level. 

I have done much work with Asha over the years we have been together. We have dived into masses of past life (timeline) events and I've also done work in my Astrology chart before so you could say I'm well versed in extreme metaphysical experiences, but I'm only now getting the chance to reflect on them and start recording some of my incredible and bizarre experiences. 

This morning I met with Asha and she keenly drew out of her bag her latest templates and laid them out on the floor. Laid out in a circle were the signs of the zodiac, Sacred Space energy was invoked and I stepped in ready to face the frequency upgrade. 

Where we went first was Scorpio energy, where I had to step in fully to the wisdom of  its energy and learn and understand, why it was missing in my chart. I deep dived my spirit, etheric field and perception (under the watchful eye of Asha) into about 5 of the zodiacs in retemplating my zodiac completely. It took me back off into past lives and events in time (that I have already visited before), restrictions, limitations imposed and into a deeper exploration of the energy that I am moving into, on my own mission and path ahead. It was fascinating and shifted my energy considerably. It had been a sharing of planetary perspectives also between both of us, as I moved my energy up out of the earth plane, to hold my frequency out of the prevalent planetary density.   

This afternoon I meditated to allow my field to settle, I had a myriad of visions as the energy was all up in the air getting ready to recalibrate and then something multidimensional and quite biblical in source frequency occurred. 

The frequency of my mother in spirit stepped forward in the light and a gong like sound of N (from Neptune) with extremely intense astral waves vibrated in gold light through in waves right through my astral body. My field was literally bathed in vibrating celestial vibration and frequency. It was a full on pure source planetary and astrological frequency re-calibration. 

As with all of my out there light and dark experiences I do believe that this one is heralding a new dawn..... A dawn that heralds a new energy which is coming and it's not the energy that's been playing out in the monstrous shit show thats presenting itself to every man, woman and child through the 2D television right now. 

These energies that are coming in from our Sun (X-Class article)  have just bounced back their magic from the core. ANY energy which is not unified is headed for deletion from the matrix. The dark is literally deleting itself through time here at a planetary level and my advice to you is get out of its way. Get out of its vibration. Talk to your cells and request that you move your frequency into a higher vibration. Those that have chosen have already made their choice.  

Now is the time to work on deeper and deeper levels of your own recalibration and unification back to source. We cannot live or exist within a fear based matrix it is obsolete Null and Void. Unify yourself with the suns rays, soak it into every fibre of your being and feed off this light. Lightworkers must hold the frequency of the New Earth. The vibration is pure, it is celestial, it is not restricted or limited in any way. 

I also would like to remind all of you to ask for assistance and help from the field, its listening to your vibration and will support you as you let go of the past. Ask it unify every code through time that you have, that your spirit is carrying. For we all carry codes and responsibilities in the space time matrix of energy. 

Let me know if you too have an amazing an biblical experience this week! It's so wonderful to receive an opportunity to upgrade my energy and share it with my community. 

BTW I also would like to share that I received some really cool clarification from spirit about 10 days ago that there is going to be a completely new energy grid coming online. I'm certain of it now. I do believe that its connected to the internet 2.0, the satellites that are going up and 6D abundance frequencies that are about to be switched on. I am not a conspiracy theorist because I only go by the information sent to me by my own Spirit (Higher self connection) but I do think that the switch is literally going to flick on the new blue frequency grid in August of this year. Its coming online folkes I can feel it. 

© Louise Winchester article and image named Solar Burn 

© Thomas Datt, background track Orion. 




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