Jul 05, 2021

Most of the people of Earth are oblivious to what's going on in the Cosmos and how every move up above affects us down here in the below. 

On Saturday 3rd July 2021, there was an X class flare emitted from the Sun. This was apparently the biggest flare in the last 4 years.

So what does it mean for Lightworkers and how does it impact us? 

Well in a variety of different ways...

1) Firstly there's the Shock Wave which can impact you, which literally happened to me on Saturday when I was surreptitiously flung up in the air sideways to land on concrete on my hip. The bruise is the biggest I've ever had, it's the size of a side plate ! 

One of my other fellow lightworkers was thrown off her bike on Saturday by another bike crashing into her. So you can get the rug pulled from under you by the wallop from an X-Class. 

2) Retreat to the cave - Then there may be a need for prolonged isolation during X-Class purges as we need time out as Lightworkers as this energetic charge passes through our fields and into the Earth. So retreat, inner reflection and re-evaluation and nurturing the self are high on the list of Lightworker priorities when and X-Class flings it's rays through our field. 

3) Increased enthusiasm - In addition to the literal flipping up and going within impact that might happen to you. You usually find that the Universe has just designated a big clearing of Karma you have been building up to in your collective field. 

I know I did some big work last week and this has left me freed up to allow these new frequencies to come in and go to ground. Since then I have picked up my energy levels and I'm recharged to move ahead into more areas of my life that now need my attention.

Spirit is also advising me that energy must be conserved, valued and balanced very consciously, so try not to burn to bright with the buzz of the X-Class energy and make sure that you are downloading it right into all of the cells of your being.  More will be coming soon as we move into the 8.8.21 Lions Gate, which is just around the corner. 

4) Geomagnetic Storm - Some years ago I channelled information about the energy of a Geomagnetic Storm. This is exactly the same frequency of energy that passes through us and into the core when an X-Class hits the Earth.  

Here's what I channelled in information;

The Geomagnetic Storm is caused by a Solar wind. It usually comes in as an influx of new high frequency light, coming from our sun and into the physical energy field. It then passes through into the Earth’s Core.

Later when it hits the Earth’s Core it bounces back and brings with it a un-unified layer of collective consciousness to be transcended through the physical body of the Lightworker; often the issues that arrive in the lightworkers energy to transcend are to do with some pocket of density that is being purged through the physical body. 

Lightworkers often experience symptoms of an unexplained physical nature that have to be overcome by the individual. These are sometimes referred to as Lightbody symptoms, here is a list of some of the issues that may surface as the Solar Flare comes through your body or back up from the core of the earth. 

  • Ringing in your ears, balance or co-ordination issues.
  • Auditory doorways opening to other dimensions where you can hear energies or information coming in, in increased volume from other realms or dimensions. 
  • Clearing of confusion and mental fog, a veil can feel lifted.
  • Heart palpitations or heart flutter. 
  • Flutter under the skin in different parts of the body where energy is being cleared or frequency in the cells is being increased.
  • Hypersensitivity or emotional triggers that need to be transmuted back through time. 
  • Brief periods of weakness.
  • Feelings of déjà vu or literal glitches in time repeating over and over.
  • Intense feelings of loss, seperation or anxiety. 
    Intense dreams or not being able to sleep for most of the night. 
  • Visions of past life events or connections to others that must be explored, witnessed and exchanged from a negative to a positive.
  • Knowing or feeling that you need assistance to clear interference or support to clear and transcend issues affecting the physical, mental or emotional state of being.

Whether you have just been through this energy or are about to have to navigate your energy through an episode of collective consciousness transmutation, be sure to hibernate and rest.  Try not to go into fear or create drama around this energetic transit, for this will only destabilise your energy further.  Allow your body time to adjust, it is not a machine and be present with bizarre feelings or emotions that might be surfacing at this time.

5) I have found by experiencing many X-Class flares over the years, that it either whacks you on the way down or on the bounce back from the core.

I personally believe that depending on what's in your Soul Contract may dictate what you are contracted to clear during this big energy transit. 

Let me know what you think and what's been happening for you if you experienced any other forms of symptom or wisdom about the energy? 

© Louise Winchester 


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