Jul 14, 2021

I actually can't wait to talk about this sensitive and elusive subject. It's actually fascinating and the universe just brought it back to my door to remind me to tell you all, what it is and to inform you of your not so Spiritual White Shadow actions when they appear. 

Years ago I used to hang out with the illustrious god father of metaphysics Stuart Wilde.  He was an amazing man in his day and I loved him dearly, until his monumental fall from grace. Then I had to process my disappointment in his actions visibly switching sides (light to dark permanently!). 

He was a profound teacher and one that taught many lessons to me that I have taken to heart over the years and taught to others if they have heard me speak. I have lived and breathed some of this wisdom and fully embodied it.

If you know or don't know what the shadow is it's an un unified aspect of self that is hidden away until it's triggered, right. You can all relate to this I hope.  When someones actions catch you off guard and then they act in an irrational way and literally catch you off guard! with an onslaught of unprocessed garbage that slings insults (shadow) in your direction. 

So let's break this down. Somehow you have opened a dimension to a dark side of their field and you are impacted or not depending on if you have unified it within yourself or you are just holding space to they can see their shadow (oops I should have done that, was that mine ?) mirroring back to them an unified aspect of themselves that they have not unified yet.   

I hope you are following ..... 

It's always really apparent when someone's behaviour catches you off guard. If you are impacted by it then you have an emotion back through time that needs to be unified and if not you are fine. You can release it and just let it go. This usually takes many years of Spiritual processing to go beyond these points of interference before stuff no longer sticks. 

So WTF is the White shadow version of this ? Well, Stuie always used to say that the white shadow is more deadly and I expect it is until you become a spiritual teflon don and can rise above its frequency too. 

But for those of you that have never heard of it, to me it's a Spiritual Teacher that's shadow projecting. What's that you might say. Its someone who's worked their way up the Spiritual ladder and might be professing to be the latest Guru !, love, angel goddess or Million Dollar X10 Entrepreneur (or any Spiritual teacher) that throws their weight or ego around and projects uncaring, unloving, I am god and I know better ego around the place at either students, friends or their followers. 

I learned good and hard from my Spiritual teachers absolutely right from wrong and law versus polarity and if you are a Spiritual Teacher, then magnified by 1000 fold you need to be ultra conscious and ultra aware that every thought action and deed is unified. 

So this doesn't mean that if someone crosses your boundaries then you should let them walk all over you. No. What it means is see it for what it is. White shadow or dark shadow but just know that if you are a lightworker leader, that if your white shadow does surface then one must identify the emotion and trace it back to its origin and erase it through time, for if  you do not there will be karmic exhaust if you don't. 

I hear you ask what's karmic exhaust. It's literally a backdraft of fire that will rip through your world and your etheric bodies for being out of integrity or out of alignment. So the L.A.W's of the universe are magnified the higher up the spiritual mountain that you climb and just know that you need to be aware that if .. you make a Spiritual mistake as a Spiritual Teacher that there are magnified consequences to your actions. 

Some of you might think yeah I get this and I agree, and some of you may not. I just share my wisdom on the time I've spent here observing planet earth as a spiritual being having an experience as a spiritual teacher within the community. I have learned from the best and when they fell from grace I learned how not to follow suit. 

Key : Genuine ATONEMENT is the only frequency that will cut it, to ascend through The New Earth energy. 

If you can relate to this article please drop me a line and I will add your versions of experience to this article. 

© Louise Winchester  

Founder of Phoenix Healing - Jojo Tonnaer. 


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