Nov 11, 2020

As with all things it takes being one to fully know and understand what a Blue Ray Starseed actually is, before you can explain it to others.  My embodiment of this knowing is my own perspective, but you may find it resonates with you too and if it does, then drop me a line, because it gives me joy to find and connect with you, as a fellow Starseed of the same Monadic Ray of Celestial origin. 

So, what is a Blue Ray and what are the other Rays?  The rays are different frequencies of spiritual service to source and more like where the Spirit actually resonates within and how it likes to serve the light of source (Creator) energy. There is an entire spectrum of light rays that serve the collective energy of source, but for today I will explain my own mystical viewpoint on being a Blue Ray Starseed. 

I have many memories of past lives or timelines, but one of them takes me back into an energy of being a Keeper of the Blue Flame and Blue Ray of pure consciousness.  The visual embodiment of being this blue flame energy of living light, was like being the flame, within a sacred temple, that could communicate wisdom from that type or pool of infinite consciousness. A bit like a colour specific (blue) hologram of God/Goddess creator intelligence.   

I think these memories are connected to the original seeding of this energy here at an earthly level.  I believe it was seeded in this part of the cosmos, by the Starseed founder races and I also believe that the other rays were seeded here together as a whole across the earth grid, at a time after the fall of the predominately Reptilian Race that once dominated the original earth space time co-ordinates. It was a part of the Arc of divine intelligence and the original coding of humanity before the fall. 

The blue flame energy is all knowing and is oracle like in nature.  It was created to serve, it was created to speak wisdom and hidden knowledge.  It was a Sacred Space energy that communicated it' s collective consciousness to alleviate suffering and miss information and illusion. It is a pure energy that creative thought and engineering solutions flow from.  It is the frequency of teaching and esoteric energetic purification, spiritual initiation and protection. 

When you have the Blue Ray Starseed energy in your field you will be able to recognise most of the following points; 

1) Your energy field is driven by Blue, you love blue and you love being near and looking out onto blue water. It keeps you safe and calm and helps you to transmute major amounts of energy from density to light. 

2) You are driven to express yourself through blue visuals that emanate the ray you serve on. 

3) You are a seeker and love hidden ancient esoteric wisdom and Mystery School energy. 

4) You are a channel, an automatic writer, an artist or clear channel that pulls through creative inspiration and wisdom from the higher realms or dimensions. 

5) You are deeply connected to the cosmos and know that Earth is only your home for now.  You are volunteering to assist in the Earth's ascension at this time. You may have had some or many earth lives, but you have the ability to leave here and return to your cosmic origin and are not bound by the karmic laws that have trapped Earth Spirits for many millennia.  

6) You are already a part of Source and are only visiting! and this is why as a young person you don't fit in here.  You are a fringe dweller, dwelling on the edge of the matrix, but not totally a part of it. 

7) You took the red pill literally through many lifetimes and do not tolerate needing to be needed or accepted. You are your own energy and cannot be controlled or manipulated. 

8) You seek to use your creative talents and channel in a way that is fulfilling and serving the whole. 

9) You are a wisdom keeper that may at some point in time activate hidden keys and codes and drop them into the grid.  You are a ripple maker, dropping beads of cosmic light and energy into the collective field.  

10) You are a gateway or gate keeper to energy and your primary purpose is the recalibration and transmutation of astral energy and interference.  You resonate at your core with the strength and sense of purpose of a warrior.   

 11) You will have had a difficult and challenging upbringing. The Universe has shown me, that I downloaded into dark genetics in order to heal all the timelines contained within that line.  It is important to not self identify with the lineage, because it is not your literal karma. It was your mission to restore love to its broken, twisted and manipulated circuitry throughout time.  What you do within your being is for the collective of that lineage, that needs healing from within the matrix. 

12) Blue Rays and other Rays are not from one specific star location, for example just from Orion, they are a collective and come from many origins in the cosmos.  It is a frequency and expertise of choice, that they as spirits serve within, the collective energy of that Ray.  On an Earthly job level it's a bit like saying they are the Engineers, Teachers, Cosmic Wisdom Keepers, Astral Psychic's / Transmuters and Light Warriors. In addition to this they will be able to express themselves with creative energy in written and visual form, which comes through them from the higher realms to the physical plane. 

13) Blue Rays are Awakeners and hold space for the people of earth to expand their perception into the multiple levels of inter-dimensional and ultra-terrestrial consciousness. 

14) You are a determined Soul and stop at nothing to complete that which flows through your veins, because you are so in alignment with your Soul's contract. 

15) You are logical and grounded and do not worry about how you are being perceived by others. Earthly people who don't get you or understand you, just don't matter to you, because you are so connected to your own sense of self and connection to The Universe that you are NOT swayed by what people think. 

16) Your intrinsic nature is to nurture and support and you emanate wisdom, compassion and love really naturally. Some people may be intimidated by the power that you hold. 

17) You will defend your honour and integrity, you hold within you the rules or laws of the universe and without ego will uphold them to the best of your ability. You lead by example and will not be lead and you make be driven to be a real pioneer. If what you offer does not exist yet then you will create it. 

18) You might learn from modalities, but you will not remain within the rules of a hierarchy or system that might wish to control you. 

19) Your energy may fluctuate massively, as the energy of the cosmos is directly linked to your field. You will feel these energies at an amplified level and have periods where you must retreat and just run the energy. 

20) As you mature in life the things that interest others about the earth plane, do not interest you. The inner worlds and connection to the universe is what makes you tick on every level.  You can appreciate the Blue Planet, but you are beyond it's games and matrix. 

© Louise Winchester 




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