Sep 16, 2020

Thirteen years ago in 2007 my old teacher Stuart Wilde spoke of the Camelot realms and a celestial doorway. 

I was always someone who was a fringe dweller as he called it and from a very young age I would be on the edge of my reality observing it, more than participating in it. I would observe what people were doing around me and not really buy into it all, but I was always ready on the fringes outside of the groups ready to help when someone lost their way. I would hold space for them and help them recover. 

We all loose our way in the tick tock world, there are up's and there are downs and we invariably have to learn how to navigate the swell and become great surfers of the energy of life and Ascension. 

It is hard to navigate when the system is designed to drain you life force from you at every turn and still find the side door and escape the tick tock world of the matrix, but it is possible if you just make the choice to find it, then maybe some day you will. 

As I said to a good friend today, maybe its just in the sharing of this that other will find the door too. 

The Celestial door does shimmer with the most intense form of light you can imagine. It reminds me of those eye test's where the Optometrist uses that really intense rectangular light to look at the back of your eyeball! 

When you are in the presence of the celestial door to the higher dimensions, it doesn't just radiate intense light it has many more sensations of energy emanating from it. 

You know it, you recognise its purity as bing source energy. You have no fear, only exhilaration and reverence and deep deep gratitude to glimpse into this celestial eternity. 

It touches every molecule of your quantum astral self and fills your being to the core.  It is home beyond the 3D world, home beyond the mind, intellect and ego and home beyond the earthly story of your current life, friends and family. 

Awareness of its existence touches your soul and changes you deeply. 

I always say the only rewards worth having for me come from my interactions with the Celestial. They range from celestial sound codes to connecting with lightbeings, angelic energies, ascended masters, goddesses, fire letters, lightbody cascades and the matrix rain. But accessing the Celestial doorway to the higher dimensions is a whole other level of virtual quantum astral embodied experience.  It goes far beyond that which you can experience in channelling energy's or receiving of upgrades into the quantum self.  It is the literal access to the Celestial Realms. 

To access it you even have to go beyond the illusion of the mirror world of the dark and the light so neither has a power over you to find it. 

For more on the ways to feel celestial energy feel free to watch these videos when you have time. I will put some image links at the bottom of this post for you to watch.

The earthly stuff hasn't driven me for years, but I feel I may now be turning a corner as my astral clearing duties are being lifted as the presence of these energies is coming to an end. I feel I may be able to feel more connected to this earth plane and its extraordinary beauty and find more joy and happiness in the sweet and loving moments of my life now I am re-united with the Celestial Realms. 

For too long I have slogged around the astral re-calibrating entities and helping people at an earthly level with their very real and needed spiritual development. Now I am coming home and I am a consolidation of my wisdom and gifts and can express my authentic self. It is my life's work to reach this point and I offer my wisdom and knowledge  with a take it or leave it attitude, with a nothing to prove, I just do it for the love of sharing the way to become more connected to source. 

I have been to the beginning and the end of time, I have searched and surveyed the inner worlds for 40 + years and it will continue to unfold its incredible layers of wisdom to me. 

As I have become the total sum of all of my inner and outer world journeys I have one question for you to ask yourself, "How will you find the door?"

Here is my advice to help you find it, if its your calling to do so:

1) Work on yourself each and every day. This is not a dress rehearsal, everything matters and is recorded by the eternal source self. 

2) Be kind and if you are not look at why you manifested these projections and sort your Shadow shit out if need be. 

3) Get help if you need it and work with your tribe to support you on your quest. 

4) Be grateful for what you receive and what you have, you never know how long the party's going to last before its gone!

5) Love fearlessly and let go of toxic people who disrespect your boundaries, no matter who they are!

6) Get a plan together about how you are going to serve others. There are no prizes in heaven for people who are self centred and self absorbed. You cannot take your life with you. How many Soul's will you save or awaken and what love can you bestow on those who need it?

7) Meditate as often as you can and if you don't already know how to channel get an attunement.  Reiki is the first place to start. 

8) Become love as best as you can and help those who are suffering. Angry people are not all fuckwits, maybe they are just having a bad day and need a rest from tick tock. 

9) Go out of your way to help people and if you don't like people, dedicate yourself to the animals, the ocean and its creatures or the earth, but get yourself a cause as your inner calling and throw everything at it. 

10) One thing in life is certain, at some point you won't be here and you will be evolving in the next part of your eternal growth. So do your best to soften yourself and be genuinely grateful and loving, for at the end of the day this is all that will have mattered in the long run. 

11) Don't forget to listen, listen to your inner voice, it will help you navigate. Listen to the song of nature that she sings to you on the wind and listen to those around you when you get totally lost and disconnected by the chaos. Seek your wise council, they will help you get back to you. 

It's all about travelling inwards on inner journeys to help you discover who you truely are and building a deeper meaning to your life. Every day you are continually adjusting your resonance and each day you can get a little bit closer. If you work hard at this you will get there in the end. 

© Louise Winchester 2020


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