Oct 17, 2019

Here is an article I have put together on the fundamentals that will really help you get the edge when it comes to creating your wiz bang website and how to get your pages visible on the internet and starting to climb up the search engines. 

Here are some fundamental basics that you need to consider and tick off on your business to do list gradually one by one. 

Following the instructions below will save you a fortune when it comes to expensive SEO Search Engine Optimization advice. 

Step 1  Ensure all your website pages are named with a relevant and correct url and mop up any changes or typos eg  This is the correct url with the actual page name in the url.  This helps google and other search engines find an accurate search specific to what someone is searching for. 

Step 2 Fill in your SEO Website title in the SEO and sharing section of the webpages and blog pages and fill in your Meta Description when it comes to describing your web page.  Make sure this is just the high level information eg Get great advise from Louise Winchester - The Spiritual Business Mentor about how to get your website up  google and other search engines.

Step 3  Ensure you figure out all of your high level business words for your website that describe in all its facets all the different things that your business does and make sure that the pages of your website actually have all these words sprinkled through them. 

Step 4  Do a google search on the key words you want to be found under.  These are your Avatar words, the words that your primary clients are likely to search for you under.  Eg, The main services that you provide.  Make a list of these words and make sure that they are on a wall near where you work to remind you to check in on these search terms occasionally and see if you are moving up or down the rankings when you do a search. In my case they are;

Avatar Keywords 

Quantum Leap, The Spiritual Business Mentor, Business Mentor, Louise Winchester, Mentor, Metaphysics, Spirituality, My Quantum Leap, Teacher, Channel, Channelling, Holistic Practitioner, Akashic Records, Reader, Psychic, Coach, Healer, Life Coaching, Life Coach, New Age, Lightworker School and Lightworker Academy. 

Step 5 Try to build your website on a platform that has an integrated blog within the platform.  If it doesn't then you will drop down the rankings for having a back linked blog.  

 Step 6  Create blog posts on your website relevant to the keywords that you have identified as your avatar keywords.  Choose a specific topic and make sure that the TITLE of the blog contains keywords in it.  You can add other keywords throughout the content but just make sure you choose a specific word you wish to target and then create content around it.  This will help you to ascend the engine rankings.  Once you have created blogs on these topics go onto create blogs on other topics which are connected to problems that you solve for people or topics that you are totally an expert in. 

Step 7  Share your written blogs on social media other websites that might improve your audience coverage. 

Step 8 Add visuals to your blogs to interest your readers, some people just read with visuals and don't like reading text. 

Step 9 Create back-links on your website that connects you with other genuine people in your industry. 

Step 9  Add meaningful video content to your website a make sure you have social media channels plugged in as back-links. 

Step 10  Create backlinks from within your blog posts or webpages to references in wikipedia for example. Search Engine Optimization, Google, Google Analytics and Backlinks.   Goolge's algorithm's will give priority ranking over pages that include content that back link into wikipedia's library of terms. 

Step 11  If your up for it create your own Wikipedia content but make sure that it is meaningful and has visual images in it and then backlink it to your own site. Wikipedia will review it and may reject it if its not good enough.

Step 12 Ensure that you embed a load of relevant tags to your blogs to help people to find your posts.  

Step 13 Add an image to your blog so even if its a video and text blog it shows up as a visual too. 

Step 14 Create a free account with so you can actually review how many backlinks that you site has and and review what organic keywords you are getting on your website.  

Step 15 Regularly review and work on your website to keep it current and work to improve your ranking position.  

Step 16 If you have an existing website that you can link your new website to this will help lift your rankings on your new site.  So will creating Affiliate links. 

Step 17 For you highest keyword searches you might want to consider paying for google ad words.  Full training on this is covered in The Quantum Leap Transformation Programme ®.  

Step 18 Create a free account at Spyfu to review your competitors websites and look at their organic keywords and paid words.  Spyfu can also help you with accurate information on the cost of paid advertising and make suggestions to suit your marketing budget.  

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