Jan 11, 2023

Here is an account from one of my Lightworker colleagues and how I have brought her energy and her mission back on track, it was such an honour and great experience for both of us.....I give you Norma Saba's account of what its like to dive down the rabbit hole with me. 

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"In the last two years I have been sitting on the side lines, awaiting what will transpire out of my life. I knew my purpose on a minimum scale and was hiding behind the influences of others. That is teachers who were also on a similar path. None of them could come however to see with clarity, what that specific purpose was.

I was giving my power away in fear of persecution and it was deeper than childhood traumas. I even gave away my knowledge to others to use in accordance with their purpose unknowingly. It was me saying deep down, ‘you do a better job at it than me, here use the knowledge’.

When I worked at Sacred Space, Manly in 2019/20, Louise Winchester she knew immediately my spiritual potential as a light warrior and she explained in detail what was unequally energetically encoded in me and what I could create. I resonated with everything she had to say about me to the core. However, in 2021 we all parted as Louise moved down South and I unravelled the depths of my individual ancestry healing.

Just this Sunday I attended a intimate house meeting with Lynda Millin at Cockatoo Dreaming and my intention in our sacred circle, was to manifest my purpose!

Louise called me today, without knowing what had happened in our circle of women.

She incredibly summoned my spirit to stand as a warrior of light in my purpose. She intimately and precisely saw where my doubts were and what was holding me back.

As I had a astralled two nights before and been under attack by some inter dimensional force. Louise incredibly located and tuned into this energy that I feel has been around me since birth and pinpointed its source back to its origin. Well, she knew it was carried within my own other worldly gained wisdom from previous life experiences as well as contractual obligations to clear space. She also insisted after clearing it that I not take it on as being that was part of me (aka some form of Karma or Karmic lesson) that it was an energy that I had agreed to clear. This was deeply empowering and crucial as we moved into the next energy she brought through.  

She has an incredible scope of sight that I have not witnessed in any other spiritual teacher. Louise is not a teacher of the wounded unaware human. She is a way shower of the advanced souls that have come here on a specific mission. It’s not about being special, it’s about knowing that you chose to come here for a set task in service to humanity, already planned out for you. No matter what I did to deny this path, it would haunt me in my dreams. Your mission is very multi-dimensional and energetic, and Louise has purely a gift to rise this energy up to the surface in me.

Louise communicated with my spirit in trance to see what I am meant to be doing here. She saw my gifts as a conduit for Master Crystals that will be completely new. This Crystal energy is based around my connection to the Angelic Crystal realm of creation, the energy alchemists through time, literally the source frequency of crystals back through to their highest source vibration. She saw me as a bridge or gatekeeper between the deep oneness that can be accessed within the crystalline grid and how this is connected back to humans upgrading with the reboot of humanity, where it will come into unity with the eco system of earth and evolve to explore and integrate with our cosmic universe.

I needed to see this without my ego self and view it from a perspective of equality. She set me up in my connection to work with this energy on new and deeper levels and guided me to step in and hold these trance doorways open.

I knew deep down that Crystals is what I needed to work with, but I didn’t know how!

Well Louise showed me.

This is beyond just Synchronistic events.

It’s a connection to multi-dimensional source light itself!

I’m feeling grateful for this dear woman!" 

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