Jul 09, 2021

I have literally sold a zillion decks over the years to keen spiritual people, looking for guidance from the wisdom of the decks. At one point I had over 500 decks of cards at Sacred Space, so I've seen and worked with lots of them. 

For those of you that don't understand what a deck is yet, spiritually they are doorways of wisdom and messages that you have attracted to yourself to receive. Therefore, when a deck crosses your path and you choose a card you are either working on clearing or moving towards integrating that energy into your life. Some decks these days are beautifully illustrated and some have incredibly talented writers and channels create the content for them. 

I have many times wished I had the time to write and create the decks that I have floating around in the ethers around me, but never had the time to create. 

I'm going to share a little bit of wisdom I have around this process. I have seen decks that students have keenly sent to me, that have been completely not up to scratch and you know will go nowhere. The artwork is rubbish and the messages are weak. 

Understand that if you are going to do something then you have to spend a lot of time, energy, money and will power to really get a good deck published. Even the good ones don't always get traction, because they are still lacking different things, like they are half finished! for example, lacking written content, or lacking good graphics and are just a concept idea. Or they are lacking literary flow or decent metaphysical and spiritual content or unique information. 

Good decks don't become successful through the self publishing route, period. Do you know how hard it is to run a spiritual business, I honestly expect not! If you are one of the rare businesses left that is going to stock spiritual decks online or in the high street setting then you as an oracle card deck creator or tarot deck creator have to understand that, as the retailer you need to be able to order from a large distributor and cannot work with independent individuals selling their books or cards, you just don't have time to work like that with ordering from one person at a time. 

So, if you are thinking of going down the self publishing route then unfortunately you are pretty much destined to fail. 

I am sorry but you will fail because of this fundamental stumbling block. You can try all you like to visit a variety of outlets to get your product out there. You can try to be the latest craze on instagram, you can scream it from the rafters, but If you really care about the baby you have created, then you will need to get it under the nose of a good publisher to get anywhere at all with it. 

It's never wrong to try to create a deck in reality, in order to try to get it how you would like it to be and then get a second opinion on what might need improving in it, before it gets put under the nose of a publisher. 

If you do manifest the right person to help you succeed then absorb that constructive advice and run with it. 

And don't forget that your product, content and literature need to be outstanding to become published these days. Did you know that it costs a publisher about $20 K to put your product into production for national distribution. It's not chicken feed to invest in you so, don't become delusional that your product is going to magically get out into the world if its not good and I mean really good. Put yourself in their shoes they are looking of the ruby slippers, something shining and sparkly that's going to be the next best seller. They are not looking for rinse and repeat concepts that have already been done before. So make sure that what you are doing and investing your time in is bang on bullseye unique and going to grab their attention. They actually have to want to invest in you!

About 3 years ago I had a budding young graphic designer grace my presence at the store. She had just arrived in Australia and had her deck with her and was looking for me to sell it in the store. This was a classic example of being self-published and trying to sell your own product.  You cannot scale this business model. If you want to do well, then it has to get signed by a publisher and then from a publisher to the distributors and from distributors to retail (online or retail) and from there to the person who actually ends up with your product. 

There is no way you will be accepted at every store you go into and most of them will reject you just because they don't have the time to deal with you. 

Anyway, I loved Jea's product and recognised it for its uniqueness, quality and graphic aptitude. I bypassed my usual barriers to buying from authors and purchased a few copies of the deck for her. 

So, I gave her some product advice, her book was weak, it was non-existent quite frankly and was not up to scratch with the rest of the product at all, which was ingenious. I showed her what good channelled content was, directly channelled for her book, as well as teaching her a few techniques in diving into the quantum energy field to pull in information to set her on her way. 

A few years later she resurfaced, with the V2 version of her baby. A now outstanding example of creating a spiritual deck. It was repackaged and now had a proper book for avid readers to review. 

I'm sure she put many hours of work and dedication into creating the V2 version and I am proud to have been a small catalist in this Spiritual product moving  from a C grade to an A grade production. 

When she contacted me about 6 weeks ago and showed me that she had finished the deck, I was happy to help her move to the next level and try to get her foot into the door of a Spiritual Publisher. Today I sent off her design to my favorite connection and we shall see what happens. I have some more cards up my sleeve for her in contacts in the industry if my first choice doesn't work out for her. But I am sure you will agree that it deserves pride of place on the shelves with other spiritual decks out there. I know eventually we will find someone prepared to take it global for her. 

If you are interested in picking up a copy of this outstanding oracle deck, then please order from THE COSMOS ORACLE

"Mentors push you to become better versions of yourself. They embellish you with the wisdom that inspires you to be genuinely creative.  They push you to aspire for greatness, for it's in the subtle attention to details that makes your offering shine."

  © Louise Winchester 


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