Aug 31, 2020

From a young age I always wondered what it would take, for the many to wake up to the need to break down the old systems of power and governance and control, into a higher vibrational frequency of CONSCIOUS ACTION of the laws of cause and effect on the whole. 

Some may consider my view point out there at times, but I always speak from a place of my own experiences. My own inner truth. My own inner viewpoint and I'm going to give a great one here that was encoded in me a long, long time ago and can be used as totally relevant now....

Because humans are about to go through the greatest liberation of consciousness in the history of our planet and here is why. 

I remember back in 1990 that I was so energetically opposed to the choice of the British leaders to enter into the Gulf War, that I actually tried to lessen the impact of it from happening with my mind.

Now bear in mind as I tell this story that I was 18, I only had a few friends, I had just begun meditation classes and had never read a spiritual book, but I was an intense energy (astral) psychic and I really didn't know anyone, who would share my view point at all on the earth plane at that point in time, but I always followed my inner guidance and I navigated with what it told me to do. 

So, I went to a sacred place, an energy vortex in my old home town of Torquay. I was so opposed to the war energetically, that I saw it as my responsibility to change and heal it with my mind.  So with my own conscious thought, intention and action that night, I said a prayer to the universe and I made an oath with the universe, asking it that if I did this one small act and never ever wear a watch again, that it would grant us mercy and it would save soul's and reduce the impact of the war (unconsciousness in government ).  I used the power of my mind to send out an intention across from England to Irac, and I visualised the war being over and I asked the Universe to stop the war and lessen the impact of it. As I completed my prayers I stopped my watch and took it off. To this day I don't wear a watch because of this moment, where I first started to try to consciously re-create time. 

Now without ego, I am not suggesting that I was responsible for the war being over in 9 days, or that my act somehow impacted the timelines and prevented further destruction, (but it may have). What I am trying to show you is that I felt called, within my small, lone and insignificant self into my own creator power, to make a conscious choice to not participate in the false choice of the system, that cared not how many would die as a result of it's actions or choices. I wanted to see it lessened, I wanted to see it loose its destructive power and intensity. I wanted to reduce the needless suffering of Soul's. 

Possibly in telling you this adolescents story, you can see how your thoughts could have the power to heal the world and I ask you to ask yourself these questions;

Do you know you hold inside of you the power to heal the world?

What limits you from believing that you can heal the world? 

What if creating the new earth was as simple as aligning yourself and seeing it as healed?

My power at that age was so aligned within the core of myself, that as I did this small act, alone, untrained, I had 100% belief that my energy field could and would make a difference. 

This is what I empower you to see in yourself and begin to fully own now. 

We will all get called, we can all now see, even though it's a house of smoke and mirrors collectively. To see our own viewpoint, our own perspective, have our own rituals, make our own deals with the universe.  Because now is the grand awakening of humanity, we came here for this, which side of the fence you sit on will be called into question, which viewpoint you have will help you navigate what you must do. Your compass should not be shut, you should be open to seeing all viewpoints and perspectives, because somewhere in between will be your truth, the neutral truth. Between the good and the bad, the light and the dark, you will know what you will need to do as each door presents itself. 

I call you to let go of your inner fears about what will happen and what will go down. 

I call you to stand in your viewpoint within the eye of the storm. 

I call you to hold what is most important and dear to your heart as your highest truth. 

I call you to not be swayed too far to the right or the left and to find your centre with each energetic challenge. 

I call you to believe in yourself and your connection to the universe to right these wrongs and create balance again. 

I call you to stand and be heard for the voice of the many will out number the few. 

I call you to be your most creative conscious self, for now is the time where you must spread your wings and fly. 

We are all one and if we can consciously and collectively see this deconstruction and reconstruction of the new earth, as already completed then the energy will have nowhere else to go.  

If our thoughts create our own reality, then we need to swing the thoughts over to this situation as being;

Healed and turned into a new and fairer system that is supportive to the whole of humanity and not a dark and sinister anti-christ life force, that has power over the human race. 

Your conscious thoughts, prayers, intentions and actions count. So, please make them add up into supporting the field to rehabilitate the collective human consciousness of earth (the astral plane matrix). 

Being, as we can all now clearly see !!! We are at a pivotal point, because we must choose, we must choose the power to heal and transmute polarity within our world.  We must stand for the truth within our own being. We must discern the direction we must take.  We must hold people to account for unconsciousness and show by example what world we believe in. 

I am deeply thankful for the gifts this monumental year has granted me. 

I am happy to see the gift that everyone is bringing into question the motives behind people's actions. 

I am pleased people on mass are aware like never before, I believe on the opposite side of all of the negativity is a positive lens.

I am glad we now all have this lens, because now unconsciousness cannot remain in a position of power. 

Reclaim your rights and your codes of light containing power, conscious action, freedom, liberation, love and empowerment, all will be needed to hold you in the eye of the storm. 

Spend a little time each day or night visualising cities going through liberation, freedom, reclamation of human rights, equal distribution of wealth, new groups of people that care coming together, new organisations built and positive collective agendas and any other positive ideas that you feel drawn to send intention too. 

With the power of your mind, maybe you can make a difference....

© Louise Winchester 2020


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