Apr 30, 2021

Today is an exciting day for a multitude of reasons. It marks the 3-4 year journey of transition for myself as I reopen Sacred Space V2, as well as being a day of celebration of the work and monumental spiritual business achievement of one of my students. She has become a testament to what it is possible to achieve in the industry. Today Sheila V (Sheila Vijeyarasa) will be doing the official launch of her exciting new Book BRAVE, Courageously Live Your Truth, which you can now order online from a variety of online retailers.


Sheila and I first met some time in 2017 I think. She applied to become a Psychic Reader at my store Sacred Space in Manly and I was blown away at her ability to read very precise information directly from Spirit.

I was particularly impressed that after I had offered her a job, she only then revealed to me that she had already worked as a Psychic Reader on TV. 

It really is something to be admired in a person when they present fully from a place of service as a channel for Spirit and are not caught up in the ego of how good they really are. She was humble enough not to present to me with these credentials first, and just ran the gauntlet of reading me to get the job on her own merit.

I do find that too many people in the spiritual industry will present themselves to the world via their White Shadow selves, but this woman was not and that's why I embraced her need to be of service fully. I respected what I saw in her, it as an admirable virtue. So for me she was a 100% all in, I was really happy to work with her, support and nurture her and most importantly, I saw her as my equal and treated her as such.

Not long after joining the team Sheila advised me that her guidance was advising her, that there was valuable information that I had for her and that I needed to mentor her in her spiritual career. 

I was at turning point myself. I knew I was going to teach, but I wasn’t sure what, but it made sense to me that I had already been coaching my own readers and healers for many years. So it made sense that I was now going to have to eventually get around to creating courses and content that was for teaching readers, healers and teachers in the industry. 

I found it an honour to create content, to support and guide Sheila's professional growth to become a new level of Spiritual Industry professional. It became the foundations of my recognised training programme Quantum Leap that I train people in today and set the stage for me to redirect my own Spiritual career.

She put her faith and trust in me and I showed up every step of the way and had her back 1000%. 

It truly is a Brave and courageous path to leave the corporate world behind and step fully into your god given gifts to serve as a Psychic Reader, Spiritual Teacher and Author. 

It’s been a long and arduous journey for her of creating content, website engineering and personal empowerment as she ascended all the levels of inner and outer development to reach the goals she has now achieved. 

Success isn’t grown over night it comes through years of dedication and hard graft if you are to undertake the ascent into having a Spiritual career. It is definitely not for the faint of heart, it’s a lot of work and its only by working through all the levels of inner development and leaps of tremendous faith that will get you where you are destined to go.

I have had to run the gauntlet in my own way and it is only through all of these life and incredible metaphysical experiences, that I now get the chance to now guide amazing and incredibly gifted souls like Sheila to the ultimate goal. 

Life is a celebration of incredible achievements and people like Sheila should be commended for their continued contribution to the collective awakening of humanity. She is here to empower women to become their authentic selves, living their truth and being able to see and using the magic the world has to offer them.

She no doubt will now go on to support and transform the lives of many. She has learned and acquired all the skills she has needed to become a successful Spiritual Business Entrepreneur, and it makes me proud that she has come so far.  I'm sure she will go on to reach new heights as she takes on and embodies more of her incredible role in society. 

I highly recommend a reading with her, she is brilliant. If you interested in a booking you can either dm or call me on 0415 378837 or you can check out her website and book directly with her.  Please join me in congratulating this up and coming Spiritual Star Sheila V on the release of her inspiring and deeply spiritual book Brave.

Sheila presenting at her book launch.

Jeff and I queuing up like a couple of groupies to get copies of Sheila's book signed. 

I'm so incredibly proud to have been able to help Sheila V over the last 3 years and I really appreciate that acknowledged me in the back of her book too. I can't wait to see where she goes from here.....

If you are interested in listening to some of the videos that Sheila has done check out the following page link.


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