Nov 26, 2019

Louise Winchester - The Spiritual Business Mentor & Laura Ansell - The Happiness Coach discuss Ascension personally, collectively and Cosmically as well as Super 7 (Seven) the Ascension Crystal. 

Recorded Live 

Please excuse the video upload quality this was a Facebook Live and the upload speed in Sydney is below 1 mega bit per second so there is issues in the visual quality of the recording.  Transcript below and link to Super 7 information:

Louise:                  I am going to break down Ascension into its nuts and bolts, because I have said this to thousands of people, and I would like to do some breaking it down. I am an engineer, if anybody does not know that, and everything has got habits, nuts and bolts as to how it works, and what it does, and how its on the table. So, you get it, and understand it. I am sorry if you're already in the Ascension process, but I will just explain.

So, Ascension actually means to dive into new levels of self, of connection. There is a channel that runs through your energy field, and starts really by the doorway of going into your mind. Learning how to pull and push energy from inside of yourself, and up in your energy field. You would have heard of things called chakras, but there are also higher gateways of light, and lower gateways as well, and gateways that go out into your energy field. There are major sort of points that you can take your consciousness into, and learn to explore in your energy field. Now, I would say to people that when you start learning how to channel, or channel energy, it is like sucking a pea through a straw, and you learn how to pull and push energy. Then what happens after that, is you learn how to- if you imagine that your consciousness is a satellite dish, you are tuning your energy into a specific thing, and you are pulling the energy of it to you, and running it through you in order to have an experience with that. I firmly believe that the universe is inside of you, not outside of you. So, it is like, it is the mirror version of it is that you can access anything you want to, with integrity, that is in alignment with healing the self.

Obviously this gift cannot be misused because, then you get problems if you mess around with it.

So learning how to channel, and learning how to work with crystals, and learning how to channel energy, whether it be symbols, combinations of crystals, frequency connecting with angels, ascended masters, Arch Angelics, different grid point locations. It is fascinating. It's call it Netflix, on the inner. It is what guides you, it is how you build your connection with spirit. It's how you work with your Clair-abilities.

I'll just talk a tiny little bit about what the Clair-abilities are. So, Clair-abilities are connected, directly connected to how we send some perceive, and there are different channels of communication as to how energy from the universe can actually work through us.

When we go into the Ascension energy to start with, when we have an awakening, the awakening is a trigger. It's almost like you have up above your head, you have got your birth template astrologically. In there is a clock, and the clock hits a certain point, and an activation occurs, which is a cosmic activation. Then click, a load of events actually occur in order to, for the person to be like, defragged, where they wake up from the sleep that they're in, within the 3D consciousness, in order to transcend, to start anchoring light into their physical field and their being.

Then what happens is, you get drawn to do more and more work on yourself. You get drawn to clean up your life, you get drawn to start looking at the laws of attraction. Start looking at the laws of the universe, and understand how it works down here, and how it works cosmically. If you don't know what the rules of the game are, then you are not really operating at maximum efficiency.

So, people like Laura, and I do a lot of work on rewiring ourselves constantly. That is upgrading our, like working with the energy, finding what I would classify as sabotage programs in our energy field, and learning how to transcend and shift the energy quite quickly through our field. We are all doorways, all gateways.

I heard yesterday, a quote, which said that we process 70,000 thoughts a day. So, having happy thoughts is something that has to be worked on, because you come through, and you've got all your childhood of where you've been exposed to, your upbringing, your school environment, going through university, or going straight into the workforce, and then working in the workforce, and you have to defrag yourself of all the shit that you have accumulated in order to come into higher dimensional energy and living in a- in a more aligned to you way of the state of being.

Laura:                    Yeah, that's the most, that's what I learned doing when I started doing work, and started working on myself is that people would say, "Oh, I think positively, and I do it and then two days later I am like that too.", and they cannot keep, they are trying to train their brain to think positive, but if, if the system underneath is clogged and it is dirty, there is only so much you can do to try and train your brain. It does not work. So, like you were saying, the childhood stuff, things you were taught, things you were shown, that has all become who you are. Who you built, it is built into an energy system and you have got to go in, and start cleaning it up.

It is like I always think of a lake, and it looks crystal clear, but if you go like that with the mud, it all comes up to the surface. It does not matter how crystal clear that river is, it is dirty underneath, and you have got to go in and move it and when you do move it, the water goes- is unclean and it does not look great, but it moves, it is moving, and you have got to clean up the underneath surfaces.

Louise:                  The Ascension energy is always moving. So, galactically we've got all these triggers happening energetically and I always say to people, it's like the planets are the puppeteers they're pulling the strings on the hologram and we are just in a hologram from within. Looking at what, what is most relevant for us to either hold in space around us or transcend in lessons or learning's or evolve through. That is exactly what is actually happening.

Quite often there is stuff going on in your own energy field that connects back into past lives, past timelines. There is all sorts of stuff that comes up in those dirty water moments, and we are all in a process of evolution, are all in a process of Ascension and we are all working on collective Ascension as well.

Louise:                  So, sometimes stuff comes up out of the grid that is directly connected to you being a service that you need to transition through your field, your light field.

Laura:                    Yeah.

Louise:                  So, that is a little bit about Ascension. I was also being told to talk about the waves. So, there are, what happens with the energy is we get these cosmic surges of energy that come down, and spirit calls it like a fulguration and there is actually a crystal called fulgurite that is coming in right now, which is where the lightning hits sand, and it creates a crystal. I know fulguration is like, it is a cosmic purge so it brings the energy in and through.

So, you either get a boost when it comes down, or it goes down into the earth, and you felt really crappy when it came in, and then it comes back up and you either feel really great when it comes back up, or you feel really bad when it comes back up. One or the other.

So, with these solar flares and the energies that come in from the cosmos, we either get the whammy coming down, or we get the whammy coming up. It depends if, if we get a boost of, sorry, if we get the, the energy when it comes down, it is usually purging like what we've got in a cellular memory, or in our own timelines. Whereas, if we get the boost, if we get the purge when it's coming up, is the collective consciousness shift, like, we're transcending something for the whole collective.

Laura:                    That's powerful, and you feel that.

Louise:                  Yeah, you do. I mean you feel all of it cause it is, it is doing this pull push all the time.

Laura:                    Yeah.

Louise:                  The energy is going through these pockets. Something massive is happening with time, as well. I think that is connected to geomagnetic’s of the earth, but it feels like we go through these pockets of massive expansive energies, where there is absolutely unlimited potential and it is hard to stay like directed as to, it is almost like we are now looking at multiple like universes simultaneously, and multiple timelines are open to us a lot of the time. Then, sometimes we sink back down, and when the energy is dense and it is low, it is really like it is backing all that 3D timeline programming.

So, we are going through this like you know, we are riding the pony of like, the ways of the Ascension process and re-firing on all levels. All us light workers are coming together to pull through the next generation.

So, I’m an early second wave. I'm not a first wave. I am a very early second wave light worker. Laura, I would say is three quarters of the way. They showed me three stroke, four quarters of the way through the second Ascension process person. So, the, that gate on the second wave actually has now closed. I think it closed earlier this year in 2019, I am being shown like around the gate of August and then what is happening is the third wave Ascension, the third wave of light beings that are going to be coming through in service.

We second waves are here to nurture and pass on the knowledge at a much greater scale than previously. Even with the guys that did all the work who we know, Tony Robbins, your Stuart Wilde's, and Louise Hay's, because we are here to actually teach on a whole other level, I personally believe.

Laura:                    I said the same thing to my mum the other day.

Louise:                  That is what that is, not necessarily that we are going to have the trafficking of you know, lots of wealth or lots of individuals. It is on a whole other scale because of the reach of it, because it's getting into not just a spiritual store. It is not just a book that is online. The people that are front runner like Ascension wave teachers are going to be connecting through all the devices, and reaching as many people as possible, which was not possible back 20 years ago. You could only do it through a book that somebody decided to pick up in this bookstore. That does not, what is going on now, so there is going to be a lot more spiritual teachers coming through that think they are spiritual teachers, but don't necessarily have the knowledge or the backup energetically.

So, as they ascend they might find that they can actually hold the mass that they have acquired through social media, or through going live or through whatever, because it takes a lot of work, and a lot of energy to actually hold it collectively in a community based situation.

As you know Laura from coming through in the last three years what it has been like to actually do deep quantum work and actually be a service to the community, and still hold the energy. There's burnout that occurs in your field and I have had it massively trying to hold my group together here.

Laura:                    I am all right when I am doing it, but when I am finished, I collapse. So, if I do a talk with like 50 people, I love it, it is where I want to be. As soon as I am finished, I am just done for two days. It wipes me out, or used to.

Louise:                  Because of the voltage, and the body cannot actually... the problem is, we are coming in with the light, and the light from the cosmic energies and higher dimensions, and then our physical body cannot actually cope with the voltage that we are holding as we are transmitting the energy. Then, the body just goes, yeah, I have had it.

So, I am going to talk about one, one specific crystal that maybe I should be wearing. I wrote this quite a long time ago. I'm going to read it hopefully off the piece here, even though that actually makes me a bit shaky because I am so in channel at the moment. Is it not funny how-

Laura:                    Maybe you should channel it instead.

Louise:                  Oh I will try. I will try to go through. Okay, so I just want to talk about this crystal. So, I am going to show you a few different examples of it to start with. So, this baby here is called Super Seven and the reason why it is called Super Seven, I do not know if you can see there is purple section, and then there are like these red fire shards and then there is a clear section. You can see it is kind of quartzy. Then I'm going to show you another example of Super Seven before I go into talking about it, just so that you can like, pick up on, yeah, that's really good. My assistant here...

Laura:                    I have done this before.

Louise:                  Yes. Okay. So, that that has purple. If you could just put that back up, I was just going to talk about it. So, this is very similar to the other one, but it has got bit more purple in it and it has got a bit of black up in this corner here, and then I'm just going to show you this one, because this is very dark, but it is, this is also a Super Seven, and whether you can see, I don't know if you can see properly, but anyway, it looks more like a Smoky shards in the actual crystal.

Okay. So I am just going to talk about, I am sure there's other versions of Super Seven. So, Super Seven is a 7 mineral composition crystal. Seven being, we have seven primary chakras, and one of the things in why I wanted to talk about this today is that The Ascension Process, as we go through that initial like pop through into the Ascension energy and we wake up, we actually start working on one chakra specifically. Each level that you go through in the Ascension process is popping you through a purge within a chakra, and then what actually happens is that your chakra system gradually updates itself. It is energy and how it runs its frequency through.

What happens is your third dimensional chakra set actually moves down into your legs, and you are kind of growing a fourth dimensional chakra set and you are going through a lot of purging. Then you move down again, and then your 5th dimensional chakra set kicks in. This is how you transform your life. For some people they may my pop through really quickly and really easily, but for others it takes a lot of work and it takes a lot of time to actually transcend the energy of up levelling your consciousness into universal cosmic access, I suppose, the right words for it. So, what we find when we are actually going through these shifts is that we can feel massively depleted and massively energetic.

I would probably like you to try one out, and take it with you, and see.

Laura:                    I want to wear this.

Louise:                  Do you? Okay.

Louise:                  I want you to actually try it, because I know that you get floored quite a lot energetically, by the space that you are holding. And I am just going to speak about what crystals, what minerals are in here. So, inside that crystal is Clear Quartz, Amethyst, Smoky Quartz, Rutile, which is a, it is almost like a tourmaline rutilation in the crystal. Cocaxenite, Geothite and Lepidocrocite. So, that would be the ridge there.

So, this powerfully, I am sorry, this powerful, highly sought after combination crystal has the power to propel and support the Spiritual Initiate through the progressive Ascension process.

This is all written by my channel, by the way.  

During the Ascension process, a person will choose to awaken through the process of divine Ka. Ka, is universal life source energy, the Ascension levels are progressively outlined.

So numbered each of these progressions are which are connected to what these crystal frequencies do in your energy field. (Inserted for reference):

  1. Progressive awareness of find a part of yourself that’s missing and beginning to reach out to the universe to find the way to re-unite it.
  2. Progressive awareness of synchronicities & mirroring.
  3. Progressive awareness of the subtle level of the connectedness of all things.
  4. Progressive purification of the ego.
  5. Progressive attunement to & maintaining of the chakra system, higher chakras & etheric / astral / auric bodies.
  6. Progressive processing & release of blocks, restrictions & fear based programmes & vows.
  7. Progressive upgrades to the physical & etheric / astral / auric bodies.
  8. Progressive dimensional shifts in reality & living.
  9. Progressive upgrades to the DNA/RNA, Stem Cells, Talomeres, Nadis & Axitonial lines.
  10. Progressive upgrades to the Lightbodies & Christbody.

Level 1 - Progressive awareness defines the part of yourself that is missing.

You begin to reach out to the universe to find a way to reunite with it. So, Level 1 of the Ascension process is actually about reclaiming parts of yourself that you have lost.

Level 2 - is the progressive awareness of synchronicities and mirroring.

So, synchronicities are those things that start to trigger us with seeing the numbers and starting to see, you know, starting to become conscious of like a butterfly going past and reading, you know, the beauty of nature and seeing messages coming in from spirit. I am beginning to talk to the angels cause that is beaming over there at me right now.

So, starting to talk to your guidance, starting to set up a dialogue, and mirroring comes later.

Mirroring means that like, everything in your reality is actually speaking back to you, and you are so in sync that your clients start coming out with things that are connected to what it is that you're integrating or transcending. It is coming out of the TV. It is coming out every angle at you. So, that is mirroring when it up levels from synchronicity.

Level 3 - Progressive awareness of the subtle or connectedness.

So, this is how we start to integrate into our energy fields that we are all connected. We manifest who we need in that divine moment, or who needs us in that divine moment.

Level 4 - Progressive purification of the ego.

That is so huge. At a planetary level you have this is where one of the fundamental problem is lies, and I would say this.

So, this is when we are starting to connect our head to our heart and leading our consciousness from our heart, and learning how to let go, one piece of the puzzle at a time, of what we have been used to holding onto, controlling, or how we're using our power. What is integrity, what is not in integrity. What is the truth and what is not our truth.

At Level 5 is Progressive attunement and maintaining of the chakra system, high chakras and etheric astral and auric bodies.

This is when we really start to dive into constant maintenance of our field.

Then a Level 6 is Progressive process, and release of blocks, restrictions and fear-based programs, and vows.

These are vows of commitment-

Laura:                    Poverty.

Louise:                  ...or agreement that we have done in this lifetime and others.

So Level 7 is Progressive upgrades to the physical and etheric, astral and auric bodies.

So we start to upgrade our coding in our light field, so we can hold and accelerate our ability to channel.

Level 8 is Progressive dimensional shifts in reality and living.

So, this is when we start to make those big jumps.

Level 9, Progressive upgrades of the DNA stem cells, Talomere's, Nadas, Axitonial Lines.

So, we really start to dive deep into the higher levels of Ascension where we are working on the quantum alignment of our energy field, and quantum upgrades. So not just the cascades, this is why we are really diving, really starting to dive deep.

Level 10 is progressive upgrades to the light body and Christ body. We are supposed to be the divine human template down here.

We are supposed to be operating at optimum efficiency, and being of service to everybody that we come into contact with. That's the most powerful message of all.

A Super Seven crystal will assist a person through all the stages of the Ascension process to assist a spiritual initiate to embody the changes.

So clear quartz brings you clarity of mind.

Amethysts integrates the wisdom & the gift.

Smokey Quartz creates a clearing of negative programming and supports that.

Rutile protects your mind.

Cocaxanite helps you remain centred.

Geothite helps you remain grounded, and

Lepidocrocite helps you embody and hold each of the shifts.

Then obviously when you using it set in silver, it has the yin energy of the divine feminine, and everybody needs to hold their feminine line. They need to bring all their femininity back into the grid, whether they are male or female.

So that is a really, that is the most powerful message I can provide you with today, is anybody who is getting Ascension symptoms could benefit from working with Super Seven.

Laura:                    It feels nice.

Laura:                    It does get easier the more you get used to the fact that you are ascending. It does get easier, and it gets easy if you do not fight it, you just go with it.

Louise:                  It takes time to become aware of what is, what is a trigger.

Laura:                    Yeah.

Louise:                  What is a hack in your energy field.

Laura:                  Yeah.


What is inter-dimensional interference?,

What is being?,

What could be misdirecting you? Because they are just showing me like, you know how you get all these different situations and people that you are meeting, and what is right for you to be doing, and focusing your attention on versus what is not right for you to like. That's just, you know, you just now have to discernment.

Louise:                    So, discernment is one of the biggest things that you got to learn with working with the higher energies, because there is so much data coming at you. You do not know where to focus your energy. That is one of the things that I have as a gift is actually taking you as a Lightworker, looking at what your skillset actually is, what you are here to do from your Akashic Records, and then aligning you is exactly like a plan for the future. Would you say that is the gift that I have got?

Laura:                    Yes. Yes I would.

Louise:                  It is great fun, and like I am really in my purpose.

Laura:                    You love doing it, and people like me who work with you, like hearing you channel all this stuff to them.

Louise:                  Yeah?

Laura:                  Yeah, well if someone were in tune and were aligned with it, like when you worked with me and you said this is where you are going, for me, because I was like, I have been doing this for a long time. For me healing people has become what I can do it with my eyes shut, and it is time for something new. So when someone like you comes in and goes, "Well actually I am getting this, this and this for you." Because when you tell people that, you pull them up to the energy that you're at and then it is like, "Oh it's nice up here. What can I do up here?", and then you help hold the space while they create it.

Louise:                    Very good. She knows what I am all about.

If you are interested in the original channelled information Louise provided in the Video, please check out this item of jewellery and scroll down for the information on Super 7.


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